Placebo Response Reduction – PRR

Measurement Error Reduction

Accurate Trial Data from Proven Training

Placebo response and the accuracy of patient and clinician reported outcomes strongly influence the outcome of clinical trials. When unaddressed, these issues can and will jeopardize a trial’s success. As an industry leader in improving assay sensitivity, we have created Accurate Symptom Reporting and Placebo Response Reduction Training programs to reduce measurement error and lead you to a positive clinical trial outcome.


Neutralize subjects’ expectations

The expectation of analgesia or effect is the major driver of the placebo response in clinical trials. Several studies have shown that intentional neutralization of patient expectation can reduce the placebo response. Our Placebo Response Reduction (PRR) training program provides a psychoeducational approach to training research staff on how to go about and neutralize expectations of treatment benefit.

The PRR training program provides training for study monitors, study staff, and study subjects to encourage neutral expectations from subjects, establish the “research alliance”, provide examples and scenarios to help study staff understand as well as practice how to interact verbally and non-verbally with subjects.

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